Unbelievable -
Non-alcoholic drinks

The founders of Unbelievable approached me with a request to make their brand of non-alcoholic drinks unbelievable, fun, and dreamy. With that, we created a world for the two drinks: Negroni, evoking a warm sunset in the Mediterranean with oriental notes, and a Gin Tonic infused with citrus fruit
and pine. Their intention? Freedom in a Can.
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Creative, Brand Design, Packaging Design, Print Collaterals & Merch: Marta Veludo Studio
Founders & Brand Strategy: Gianluca Bitelli & Pier Paolo Bianco
Design Assistance: Joana Tavares

For Gin Tonic
For Negroni


Sample Boxes for Unbelievable Fans 

And because you love so much Unbelievable, a stack of collectible stickers 

And Merch

Thursday Oct 12 2023
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