Marta Veludo Studio is an experimental design studio that hits the sweet spot between fun and functional. Clients turn to us for fresh designs that are engaging and leave a lasting impact. Our mission? To transform your ideas into standout designs that go beyond the ordinary.

Our approachable design comes from a decade of experience crafting extraordinary creations. As for inspiration, we believe it's everywhere and in everything—because let's face it, the world is pretty cool.

Our down-to-earth design philosophy takes cues from literally everywhere – pop culture, folk art and world wide web and we have a knack for making things work for both cultural and business settings.


360 Art and Creative Direction, Visual
and Brand Identity, Packaging, Printed Collateral, Animation, Web Design, Illustration & more


Big advocate of play!Design should be bright, light, quirky and with a hint of magic. Its while playing that empathy happens, connections are made and some real things begin to grow.

We look into the why’s, the how’s and the because’s — the real deal. And we're not just about today; we're playing the long game to keep your project, idea or brand strong and awesome for years to come.

We're down-to-earth. We get it—businesses have goals, budgets, and deadlines. No worries, we’ll hit all those targets while keeping things on point.

Always looking for new and fresh blood to join us. Portfolios are welcomed!
Students and recently graduated with skills of graphic design, animation and 3D are cherries on top! 






Amaliastraat 5
1052 GM Amsterdam
Thursday Oct 12 2023
☻ marta veludo studio — 2024